Gastrofruiturisme is a new proposal to taste and feel the taste of fresh fruit.

We offer special taste traditional avant evokes our past, but also innovative and original recipes that will make you enjoy peaches Aitona gladly!

From the tree to the palate

The yellow and red peach, nectarine, the paraguaio the platerina bear fruit … are sweeter to taste in Aitona!

Making visits to the garden of the hand of the farmer himself / a, you reap, smell and taste the peaches harvested pray to the tree! Your palate will feel the sweetness of ripe fruit harvested to the point with your own hands!

Menu fresh fruit

After knowing our fields and enjoy our landscapes, to the table, you can have a taste of the culinary arts that have developed in Aitona with peaches as an ingredient in recipes homemade and typical of the territory (cake recapte with Aitona peach, peach wine), but also with new combinations that lead us to the reminiscences of the history and heritage of Aitona (Etoscagin, Xupito Genoa …).

The menus of fresh fruit can be tasted in our exclusive restaurants, ready to offer a familiar and comfortable environment, a break after visiting the camps Aitona at any time of the year.
Booking required.

Local products

Want to taste homemade food and local produce of the earth? Will the appetizer dishes made with fruit, exclusive of Aitona. Marxaràs with the unforgettable taste of peach aitonenc!

Aitona, offers the opportunity to discover and taste their local products prepared by local families and businesses with direct sale from the producer to the consumer.