Aitona (Baix Segre, Lleida), has a unique and unrivalled landscape. Transformed with the passage of time by the work and effort of the tenants, they have become a particularly attractive territory thanks to the agricultural production of a sweet fruit of exceptional quality. Peach, Nectarine, the platerina and the paraguaio are the par excellence.

Water is in this sense a special attraction, both for its collusion with nature on its way through the term, ditches… laughs Segre… Seròs Channel… how to be essential within the life cycle of fruit tree: to make grow, nurture and sweeten our peach trees.

Guided tours

Come and meet the world of the sweet fruit

The second origin flower route

Visit the locations of the film

The peach tree pink blossom route


Photographic path

It captures the best corners of the landscape of peach trees with your camera.

The peach tree route with fruit

From the flower to the fruit… picking and tasting with pleasure!

Routes for the surroundings

Would like to come to your air? Fruiturisme has prepared for you several signposted paths that will make you enjoy the scenery, nature and heritage

Route of the fruit tree

At any time of the year, come and passionate with the scents and colours of peach trees.

Route of Sierra Brisa

Get health contemplating a panoramic view of the agricultural landscape of Aitona.

School routes

Activities teaching in the field and in the core of fruit

Flower route

March: pollination, clarify in flower…

The birth of the fruit

The month of June. The small fruit begins to grow on the tree


Admire the stunning scenery of the trees while you take care of your health!