125 people start the new season of visits to the flower fields of peaches of Aitona

Through the Fruiturisme project this population diffuses the sweet fruit with the objective to dynamize the area of ​​the Bajo Segre

ACN Aitona.- Three groups from Mataró, Sabadell and Terrassa have opened the new season of visits to the fields of peach blossom in the municipality of Aitona (Segrià). Through the Fruiturisme project and under the brand ‘Aitona con gusto gusto’, this population promotes a tourist proposal that bets decisively on the transformation of the fruit wealth into a seal of identity and tourist attraction. This project aims to spread the sweet fruit, promoting the economic dynamization of the Bajo Segre and putting in value the heritage, landscape and culture of Aitona. This season visitors can enjoy a total of six routes, after incorporating the route of the Flower of the Second Origin that runs through some of the scenarios of Aitona that appear in the film directed by Carles Porta.
This Wednesday 125 people were the first to open the season of tourist routes organized by the municipality of Aitona and revolving around the cultivation of sweet fruit, main economic activity in the area of ​​the Bajo Segre. Visitors have been able to enjoy the exceptional landscape that these days show the peach blossoms in the surroundings. Although it was planned to start last Saturday, bad weather prevented it and it has not been until today that the first visitors of this year have arrived, coming from Terrassa, Sabadell and Mataró. In this case they have been organized groups but whoever wants can also cross the different routes programmed on their own.

The tourist initiative is part of the Fruiturisme project, which under the brand ‘Aitona con gusto gusto’ promotes this municipality of Segrià with the aim of enhancing the world of sweet fruit of the locality, attract visitors and dynamize the Bajo Segre. Fruiturisme, a project started in 2011, offers diverse activities that make people feel the taste for fruit and at the same time put in value the heritage, the landscape and the culture of Aitona, according to Rosa Pujol.

The lack of precedents in the use of fruit as the backbone of the tourist offer of a territory make this initiative a pioneering project in Catalonia, and in the State as far as the tourist exploitation of the peach blossom, and with vocation of Expansion to other fruit municipalities. The routes are not only circumscribed at the time of flowering of the trees but also allow to know the life of the peach tree throughout the year, according to Pujol. The City Council of Aitona has already confirmed over the next few weeks about 600 visits within the framework of the Fruiturisme project. During 2015, they enjoyed about 300 people.

This project offers this 2016 a new season of tourism proposals that aim to promote the culture of sweet fruit from the moment of flowering of fruit trees, especially peach trees. The proposals include both routes through the countryside with panoramic views, thus enhancing the landscape of the flower, and other patrimonial elements of spaces of the municipal term such as the town of Genó or the hermitage of San Juan de Carratalá, as well as cultural tours And historical.